#Podcast- How to be likeable and impressive at first sight

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How what you don’t know about first impression is making you loose money, opportunities and valuable relationships.

That is the summary of what i discussed in this episode. But before you dive in, here are some questions to ponder on;

Does what you say matter as much as how you look ?

Do you by chance look like an authority; do you look important, awesome and accomplished yet?

You will find the answers to those questions when you listen.


In this episode you will learn why the things you say do not matter sometimes.

What science says about impressions and how it affects your personal and professional success.



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According to Colin Shaw; it’s better not to ‘judge a book by its cover’,
but since we know we are going to do it anyway, make that ‘the
cover’ say what you want to say.

We deny judging things by appearance; we know that’s not
right; but we keep falling for it subconsciously or

– Femi Austine

We are living in a world where we make decisions based on ‘mostly visual’ impression. And as long as heaven and earth remains this will not change, no matter how we try to prove that content is king, the fact is Packaging (your ability to create attraction) is the kingmaker. Only God looks/sees the inward while man by design and creation looks at the outward. In the next few days I will show you how to use your appearance to attract clients, prospects and get people to want to do business with you.


Please note that the effectiveness of your personal brand is at the heart of your success as a professional.

You will also find answers to the following in this very episode

-What impression do you create in the minds of prospects, clients, and potential partners when they see/meet you?

-What does your presence in a room communicate? Does your appearance exhume positive or negative energy?

-Whether you are making conscious choices about your personal brand or not, you are sending a very clear message about who you are and what you stand for by your image. Are you minding/managing your message?


In as little as 7 seconds the brain makes this 11 rapid-fire decisions about others. Most times unconsciously, actually that’s how the brain is hard-wired to operate.

You may think 7 seconds is too short a time, until you discover what major opinions people are forming about you in the twinkle of an eye.

Now how does this affect you as a brand or business professional?

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#Podcast- What you don’t know about first impressions

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Most times you may not even have that luxury of time for a first impression.

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In this episode i talked about;

What you should know about first impression

What first impression is.

What first impression is not.

Why first impression is important.

Research findings about first impression.

Different levels of impressions from first, subsequent, last and lasting impression. 


What is an impression

“By definition, impression means either “to leave a mark or a feeling” or “an effect, feeling, or image retained as a consequence of experience. “Let’s break this down – if we take away the refinement, an impression is basically about a feeling that you stir within the other person you have just met.

So, right or wrong, an impression is about people’s judgment of you being driven by a feeling they have before they have actually come close enough to really know what you are like.”

They are deciding what you are like before they actually know.

What better way is there to address this challenge than to accelerate others’ ability to get to know you?


Do you know the power of the first impression is validated by various research ? @akanmstephen


The science behind first impression, how it works and ways to work it

The power of the first impression is validated by various research and i shared a few with you right in this episode.

Did you know that when it comes to those precious first few seconds of an impression, 55% is based on your appearance, 38% is based on the tone of your voice and your body language, and only 7% is based on your words ? These stats were from the outcome of a communication research conducted by a ULCA Professor Emeritus of psychology . Albert Merahbian You have to do more than say the right things – you have to be an attractive person!

so there is a popular saying that, “you will never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”                  shows that you may need to have your act together in the blink of an eye.

A series of experiments by Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov reveal that all it takes is a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face, and that longer exposures don’t significantly alter those impressions (although they might boost your confidence in your judgments).


Why is first impression important?

-That’s what people see, know and remember about you most often because of the primacy effect.

-People will judge you based on what you impress upon them.

-The brain is hardwired to form opinions about you based on the impressions you make/give.

-People will  use it to size you up and make important decisions about you or that affects them.

-Its important to attract the people you want and opportunities.

-It gives a clue to how authentic you are.

-Lets people buy into you or know what you are about.

-Because we are humans and we are emotional beings.


First impression is also made based on the ABCD of a WOW IMAGE


Most times you may not even have that luxury of time for a first impression. @akanmustephen

The real reason why you should care about perceptions


Here is something about making impressions when it matters as a personal brand.

So I hear people sometimes saying stuff like: I don’t care what people think about me…. Bla bla bla

Well it depends on who you are, what you do and why people should care about you or it.

If you are someone of great significance and importance, you will definitely know that beyond just what people think about you, its more important to be concerned about how yo consistently influence who people say you are ( what they think) based on how they perceive you, to get the results you want.

(That’s like programming their mind to always think about you in the way you want to remember and talk about you)

Especially the people that you consider as your market or target audience.

The perception game is what you should work out. You need to know how to play it to your advantage, especially as a business professional or personal brand.

Perception will continue to shape reality until proven otherwise.

Even Jesus Christ cared so much about his image and how he was being perceived…. I guess that might explain why he asked his disciples.

Who do people say that I am ?

Who do you say I am ?

Now don’t get it twisted …. Am not saying you should give a damn about what every Tom and Jerry says you are.

You should pretty much care about how intentional you can be with what you project and communicate.

You may choose not to care… But that would be like shooting yourself at the foot. And I bet that would hurt right ?

Ouch !

Now you get my point.




#Podcast- Screen To Screen Impressions

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when someone sends a mail, just by the way they reply your email or how they write it, they have already imprinted something about you. People might search you out on Google and based on what they see they are already making impressions about you. An article about you your site or whatever they find out from those search engines result.

They could even meet you online, skype conference call or in front of a camera and talk to each other which is actually the first time we do are each other.

What do you do on how to package yourself so you have the same message all across board both online and offline ?

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The community is for (present and aspiring) business professionals and persons like you that place high value on their WOW image, their first and lasting impression and everything in-between.

On this episode you will learn about

1.the critical requirement to consider in making screen to screen impressions.

In Screen to screen communication you always want be known for your value, your skill, solution knowledge, experience and the added advantage that you bring to the table you. They are important in online conversation as much as they are in offline conversation. in other words avoid distractions at all cost, people should focus on what you say and the message you have to deliver.

2.Why you should pay attention to the following things
-The colors and patterns you wear.
-Your confidence in front of the camera.
-Don’t do a high contrast.
-Patterns and the Murray effect
-Critical things to pay attention to for a professional interview
-Area of concentration for a portrait look
-How to you appear in front of the camera
-What to wear and what not to wear

3.The qualities business professionals show digitally and via screen to screen communication.

Just like I mentioned in the previous episode we often think of one’s appearance and the way they dress as being the main components that go into a first impression. there are actually four components of image, which i call the A, B, C, and Ds of a WOW IMAGE;

Digital imprints

Never forget that technology has changed the way we do virtually everything in the world today. The manner and speed at which we travel, communicate and the way we meet people and make impressions has forever being changed by technology.

#Podcast- How To Create Your Compelling Online Image

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Hiya 🙂

I am celebrating !

Yes we are celebrating….

What is this about ?…. guess guess guess…

The last episode was the bomb, you need to go listen to it if you haven’t.

Else ! you will not be able to get the best out of these episode, because this is a build up on the conversation that started in the previous episode.

Technology has changed the way we do virtually everything in the world today. The manner and speed at which we travel, communicate and educate has been forever changed to allow us an opportunity to reach people across the globe. those changes have also affected the way we meet people and make impressions.

While A, B, and C are common in the image consulting business, I belong to the league of image consultants understand the impact of the internet on image .

Digital Imprints – The impressions that are made based on your digital footprint.

it’s about the virtual and digital ways we communicate ( and every time we do we are making an impression on somebody else)


In this episode you will learn about 

-How to set up your online profiles both personal and business- on social media, Personal blog, forums etc

-The importance of image you use as profile picture

-The content that describes you

-Your social bio, about you, description

-Why its important to own your name (domain) on the internet or that of your brand.

-Make liking you and knowing you easy … put it on the fast lane

-Compelling footprints; If you got this basics then you have a compelling digital footprint



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1. If I met you in person how would you describe you ?

2. If someone was describing you to me what would they say ?

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That’s the sure and solid foundation on which any professional image can be built, I will guide you through this journey with regular tips, strategies and cheat sheets to help you achieve your wow image. I know the difference in perception a polished image creates, that’s why I am passionate about helping you make your own wow impression, one that exudes self confidence, project poise and authenticity in your lifestyle. There is greatness in you and it’s very important that you know how to package your greatness.

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#Podcast- Digital Impression and your Image

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Do you know that, In most cases we do not make a first impression in person, we make it in a digital way?

Before we ever meet physically in this day and age we would have likely had digital contact, a virtual impression is made based on what you have online, how you are perceived or your reputation.

Welcome to another episode of DressUp
I know you are here because you place high value on yourself, your personal development, your brand image and style.”

Those were the words that i said in the first few seconds of the show…

Then later, you will hear me say;

“I have been progressively building on the components of your wow image from A, B, C and on this episode the focus is on D
In the world today, Image is everything!

Perception is key, What you see is what you get whether you run a one-man business or work with a multinational.

Impeccable appearance, positive body language and respectful attitude are critical parts of overall professionalism that should be displayed in conducting business in the marketplace.

Technology has changed the way we do virtually everything in the world today.”

…….anyway that’s all i am willing to share here, hit play or download to get all i shared for you to learn.

In this episode you will 

learn How changes in technology has affected the way we meet people and make impressions.

Get some insight on what screen-to-screen impression is as against face-to-face first impression.

Have an understanding of Digital Image, impression and your online presence.

Discover the kind of impact your Digital Imprint has on your personal and professional success.

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The community is for (present and aspiring) business professionals and persons like you that place high value on their WOW image, their first and lasting impression and everything in-between.

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#Podcast- Talk The Talk

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meaning when you are not even there people already have a mental picture/perception about you. And those impressions can be formed even with just your vocal communication. People who hear you don’t only pay attention to what you say, but the way you say what you say from the tone of your voice, to your pitch, speech and content, etc.
All these form elements by which your communication can shape their perception of you. It can determine whether they want to listen to you or not.

How do you communicate brand you,  what you are about and send a vocal message that is representative of and authentic to you.

How do you talk about yourself, how do you get people to understand what brand you is all about.

Your communication has to be clear, it has to be consistent,

The message you are vocally communicating should align with your brand.

Show notes
In this episode of dress up you will learn;
-About the 30 Minutes commercial, and why it is important for you to have one

-How having a clear and concise 30seconds commercial opened up business opportunities fot me and how it can for you

-How to be effective with your vocal communication

-The place of communication in business and the impact it can have on your personal brand

-You will also learn about…..(just hit the play or download button to discover for yourself)

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The community is for (present and aspiring) business professionals and persons like you that place high value on their WOW image, their first and lasting impression and everything in-between.

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#Podcast- Mind your body language

Mind your body language

In this episode you will learn about;

Other Body language signals not discussed in episode 03

Why it’s important to mind your body language

How to communicate effectively with your gestures and non verbal cues

Facial expressions and micro facial expressions

Developing body language consciousness and how it connects with your energy/posture


Download This episode to my device


Resources Mentioned in the podcast

DressUp community on Facebook- Click to JOIN
18 ways to send the right message with your body language By Peter Economy



How to create your work or business wardrobe

I want to assume you are a personal brand or you represent one especially in a business setting, which does not exclude work environment (Be it formal or semi-formal environment). Whatever business you are into, there are times when work will require that you appear for the job, you look professional. And let me quickly define what a professional look is.

A professional look is not about wearing a suit or looking all formal, no! far from that.
A professional look is a look that is authentic to what you do, it’s that simple and straight. if you work in a very formal and corporate setting there is a general and standard expectation or acceptable standard of appearance, same applies if you work in an informal sector or laid back work setting where their dress code is basically casual and not dress code defined you are still professional. What is professional in appearance to a doctor is different from what it is to a Lawyer, an engineer, an artist or a plumber.

As long as it’s in line with the expected standard of appearance then it’s professional. You can look professional in casual and formal outfits. Here is one definition by Roberto Lico Junior.. That perfectly captures it “Your professional image is the set of qualities and characteristics that represent perceptions of your competence and character as judged by your key constituents, for example: clients, superiors, subordinates, colleagues”
Now let’s shoot to the how. If you have been following me for a while you will know I don’t give a chance for anyone to underestimate the power of appearance in the journey of building their image.

The way you project and represent yourself says a lot about you and what you are about.

Do you know the right attire to wear for dress for occasions and work?
Here are some basic tips to guide you in building a work and business wardrobe that is authentic and professional. Start by answering the following questions
-what exactly do you do?
– What’s the nature of your work (job or business), the services you offer, and the solution you bring to the table?
-who you dress for; are you compelled to dress or look the way you usually look because of organization/employer/prospect/clients/events/investor ?
-what do you dress for? (Occasion, events, meetings, speaking) what do you appear most for?
-what is at stake? If you fail to appear the way you should?
-if you compromise on your appearance what will you lose or gain?
-Do you follow a dress code? Is your daily appearance regulated or guided by a dress code?
-what are your favorite colors?
-What outfit makes you feel powerful and confident? (Colors and looks)
-What impression do you desire to create?

After you answer all these you then check what you have in your wardrobe if they can help you achieve this. Also, check to see if it matches what you want for your professional look. If it doesn’t then you might just need to take the next step, which is to go shopping to make some new additions to your wardrobe.
I will do a sequel to this last step… it will be how to shop for work or business wardrobe.